The SIALAT is an event that intends to awaken for the gaps in the studies of the social sciences field. This is about issues related to development and coloniality, taking into account critical and comparative approaches. Considering the proposed objectives and all the organization that is being carried out, The SIAAT brings a huge contribution to the construction of the social sciences field and particularly of the sociology, about Latin America. So, intends to discuss common situations that cross the countries of the Latin America today based on results of research produced in universities, in research institutes, in post-graduate programs and other institutions recognized for their excellence. Deepening the critical debate about the policies, social conflicts, the historical process of transformation considering the social praxis, the social struggles and social movements, including the conjectures of economic and political crisis. In this way, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, studies, surveys and discussions on the analysis of experiences of governments and civil society organizations in relation to public policies, and to increase the exchange academic and scientific taking as reference the postgraduate programs themselves in the field of development and of themes to it.


The event is innovative to foster a review of crystallized knowledges, encouraging the search for new interpretative schemes, the review of concepts and the production of critical readings through the comparative studies and of what the insurrectionary processes crossing across Latin America teach us. For this reason, the understanding on Brazil and beyond, in order to stimulate critical perspectives on the Western narratives that has predominated in the interpretation of Brazilian society. It is also important to emphasize the contribution of the event to enlarge the interests of researchers and increase the insertion of graduate programs in international studies, with exchanges directed to Latin America. We reaffirm that this is a shortcoming in training centers located in Brazil, especially tributaries of science produced in Europe and in the United States, requiring an additional effort of training schedules, as this proposal by SILAT. The items listed above, in our view, synthesize the contribution of scientific, technological and innovation that this event is a carrier.


And it is also relevant for the attainment of its programme, because the II SIALAT/2017 will involve various activities of scientific, technological and cultural character. It counts on the following sessions: Conferences, Roundtables, Work Groups, Presentation of complete Papers, Presentation of Posters, Mini-courses, Sociological and Ethnographical Movies Shows and Cultural Program. These activities are structured by themes that bring unit to the event, in spite of its amplitude. The thematic axes show the coherence of the programme by themes of the Conferences, Roundtables and of the Working Groups.


The relevance of the event can also be seen by the range of public. The SILAT 2015 counted on few resources, but even so had approximately 500 participants. It is expected in SIALAT2017 approximately 750 participants. The public target is formed by Postgraduate Programs, Research Groups, teachers, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, technicians, managers, public social movements, professionals and interested parties in general in Latin American studies and the issues addressed.