Attention: on 22 August will be made available on the website of the outcome of the selection of abstracts submitted to the GTs (detailed Oral and Poster).



  1. A) is mandatory enrollment in the event to present the work and make the publication
  2. b) Each exhibitor of jobs in Oral Communication must forward the full of his papers, to be published in electronic version on the website of the II SIALAT, solely and exclusively, to the email address, UP TO THE MAXIMUM DATE OF 20 OCTOBER 2017. The meeting will not be responsible for jobs sent to another address that is not this.
  3. C) The oral communications will be presented in sessions previously organized by the coordinators of GTs (according to schedule to be made available on this web site);
  4. d) the author will have, on average, ten (10) minutes for oral presentation of the work, and may this format be changed if the coordination of GT believe to be appropriate;
  5. ( e) the presentation of the work cannot be done by co-authors that do not have complete graduation.
  6. F) audiovisual resources made available by the institution on the day of presentation: Data Show. If it is necessary to appeal beyond this, communicate with the Secretariat of the event, via e-mail (, to verify the possibility of resources accessories.

Rules for the preparation of the complete job (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE: oral communication.)

( a) the complete works (papers) should be sent in Word file for Windows with extension.doc or .docx.

b) at the time of submission of full paper, please put in the subject line of the email the number of Working Group (WG) to which belongs the paper.

c) Will not be accepted jobs that require software is not contained in Microsoft Office for its complete view.

D) will only accept jobs with writing and spelling appropriate, because the emailed version shall be final and may not be modified later.

E) will be accepted papers submitted in english and spanish.

f) The name of the file (in its two versions) must contain the guidelines from the example below, whereas the GT where the work was approved and the first author surname: Ex: GT 01_Ferreira

G) The first sheet of paper must contain:

– Header (according to the model for download available above);

– The Name of the  WK, in lower case, bold, font Arial 12;

– Job title in upper case, centralized, Arial font 12;

– The name of the author(s), followed by institution (in parenthesis) and email (below the name), lower case, right aligned, Arial font 11;

– insert a footnote for each author and inform minicurrículo.

Summary of work, with up to 250 words, font Arial 11, in a single paragraph in the same language of work. – Keywords: Maximum number of 5.

– After this information, start the text, on the same sheet, numbering the introduction as section 1.

H) Other rules

– the work must contain 10 to 15 sheets, already with the bibliography (as the ABNT standards);

– Paper Size: A4; – Margins: Upper = 2.5 /less = 2.5 / sides = 2.5;

– The sheets should be numbered; – Source: Arial 11, with justified;

– Spacing between rows of 1.5;

– Displacement of the subparagraph (AFT) 1.5

– Titles: Arial, 11, upper case and normal. Subtitle: arial, 11, bold;

– Footnotes: Arial 9, paragraph justified;

– Maximum File Size: 3 MB

Approved works as a Poster


A) is required to register for the event and the exposure of the poster to make the publication.

b) It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to make your poster.

c) Size of the poster: made in canvas of 0.90m in width by 1.00m in height.

d) The text of the poster should be legible at a distance of at least two meters. You should use a simple source, easy to read and visible size the distance indicated

E) And in the composition of the panel must be employed combinations of colors that allow a good contrast (f) the information must be organized so that the central ideas of labor have highlighted.

g) according to the author’s interest, may be submitted graphics, photos, tablest

h) during the period provided for the presentation of the work, at least one of the authors must be present to make the exhibitions, when requested and respond to arguições on the job.

Rules for the making of the poster (SEE MODEL HERE)

  1. A) The header
  2. – Enter the art workshop;
  3. – The number and title of the Working Group (WG) which was submitted the summary;
  4. – Job Title (written in upper case);
  5. The name of the author(s) with a superscript number the reference to the category (undergraduate student, masters, institution, agencia de fomento) and email (of each author);
  6. B) Body
  7. – Object and Objectives: Overview of the research with clear definition of the object and objectives;
  8. – Methodology: give an idea compresses the methodology or approach of the research and their sources;
  9. – Results and Conclusions: Indicate the main results and conclusions obtained, according to the proposed objectives;
  10. – References synthetic
30/07/2017   Deadline for submission of abstracts for the Working Groups.
22/08/2017 Approved abstracts result.
20/10/2017 Deadline for submission of full papers (Oral Communication).
30/10/2017 The final deadline for payment of registration of authors with approved works.